About Shop 34th

Shop34th.com is a directory of many of the businesses on 34th St. in Lubbock, Texas. You can use Shop34th.com to learn about these businesses, and plan your next 34th St. shopping trip.

Who is behind shop34th.com?

Shop34th.com is brought to you by the 34th Street Association of Lubbock.

What is the Mission Statement for the 34th Street Association of Lubbock?

The mission of the 34th Street Association of Lubbock, Inc. is to actively serve the merchants along 34th Street by promoting revitalization and stabilization of the business corridor and fostering economic growth, development and increased sales, through programs and services and by linking businesses with information.

Who is on the 34th Street Association Executive Board?

2016 Board

  • President -Kyra Jenkins- South Plains Communications-kyrajenkins@kyrajenkins.com
  • Treasurer/ secretary – Mitchell McNeese – Design Today  design@nts-online.net
  • Executive Director- Allyson Sherill- allyson.sherrill@gmail.com
How can I contact the 34th Street Association?

Send us an email at allyson.sherrill@gmail.com  Please put 34th street in the subject line and let us know how we can help you.

How do I become a member of the 34th Street Association?

Contact us for a membership application at allyson.sherrill@gmail.com with 34th street in the subject line. 

Where can I pay my membership dues?

View the membership page.

Who can I talk to about construction on 34th Street?

ParkHill Smith & Cooper can help: